The Very Inspiring Blogger Award Nomination!

This is WAYYY overdue. A good while back Melonie Ann from Melonie’s Poetic Life nominated me for this way awesome award that made me really happy until I promptly forgot about it. I was in Italy at the time and decided to post when I got home.


And then I got home and did laundry and pretended to actually check my email and the happy warm fuzzy feeling of being appreciated by my fellow bloggers was temporarily lost! No need to fear–I got a second wind of it today when I was looking through some old posts and found the nomination! So Melonie, thank you very kindly. You’ve made me super happy twice with this nomination 🙂 Everyone check out this lady’s blog. Stellar stuff 🙂


So, 7 things about me (this is always the toughest part…)

1. I don’t like ricotta cheese.

2. I think blueberries are wrong unless they are from Maine.

3. I’m very low maintenance with creature comforts, but I love my tempurpedic pillow. I sleep way worse without it.

4. I also love my iphone. Siri’s my girl.

5. Les Mis has NEVER floated my boat, on stage and in Russell Crowe’s incapable vocal chords (although he’s quite nice to look at…)

6. I am very distrustful of cats, in general. What are they plotting in those little heads? I don’t know, but it’s definitely sinister.

7. Dogs are man’s best friend. Period. I would take a dog over a person to snuggle with ANY night.

Now,  nominating bloggers!

1. The Ancient Eavesdropper (creative stuff!)

2. Busy Mind Thinking

3. John WD MacDonald

4. Melissa K Martin (awesomeeee poetry)

5. Spontaneous Creativity

6. Blog it or Lose it

7. Write it Here, Joel (inspiration stuff!)

8. Words of Birds

9. Word Wabbit

10. The Read Room

11. Poet Recreations

12. Deb Scarfo

13. Tin Can Traveler

14. Words of Birds

15. Ajaytao

Thanks to everyone for following/reading. Have a great week!


15 thoughts on “The Very Inspiring Blogger Award Nomination!

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    1. I guess I just went for blogs I visit often who put out good content, especially creative writing/fiction/poetry. Also bloggers who I have a lot of contact with.

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