A Man About A Dog: A Poem


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About a week ago I chatted with a friend from the states who isn’t the brightest of kids. She said, “You live in Scotland, right?” I answered yes. “Did you, like, know that they’re thinking about getting independence from Britain?!” I work in politics. I was aware.

But it made me wonder how much the international community knows about Scotland’s bid for independence. So, here’s just a few basic facts followed by a poem: Scotland is not a colony. It joined the UK in the Act of Union some 300 years ago following some financial gambles that didn’t pay off. Since then, Scotland has always acted somewhat autonomously with representation in British politics. This has allowed the nation to retain a sense of unique culture.

In 1999 the Scottish Parliament came in effect with powers over devolved areas (eg education) while Westminster still controls reserved powers (eg Foreign Policy). Right now, the majority party in power in Holyrood (Scottish Parliament) is the Scottish National Party (SNP) that has aimed for independence since its creation. Alex Salmond, First Minister, has set the date for an Independence Referendum in September 2014, wherein the Scottish people will decide.

It’s a complicated situation with valid arguments for and again. The Guardian has a great article explaining a lot it here.

The following is a short little poem I wrote based on someone I’ve met through work. Enjoy and keep updated. It’s a really interesting situation and worth following.

“I’m to see a man about a dog.”

And then he died

To see the man with the dog in the sky.

We huddled round the table to cry

And agree

Alas, it was his time.

I think about him when I pee.

No one here know what that phrase means but me
and the children of the Isles who took to the sea

And came here to be

Part of the remains of the American Dream.

I’m a child of the Isles

And a child of my father

Who told me to nae bother

When I said I’d come home to hold

His hand while he died.

Fifteen years ago he asked

Why I was to go,

Why the nation that was my own

Was not where I felt I belonged.

And I told him it was for the

American Dream.

He asked what that was,

And I said freedom

to be who I want to


And now the year 2013.

I believed my father still had a distaste for me

Because I could not love women the ways I should.

And I left my nation, not because it didn’t understand,

But because he didn’t.

And he was Scotland to me.

But I came home to fulfill my duty

To hold his gaze as he melted into sleep

And weep at his bedside despite he and I

Being as we were.

And the day he died,

Right before he went to see

the man about a dog in the sky,

I saw the Yes sign

And it was my turn to ask,


“The Scottish Dream,

The American Dream,

There’s no such thing,”

He said.

“Every man’s dream is

the same—just The Dream,


To be who we want to


And that was enough of an


For me to mourn his death

To cry for his empty eyes

And not feel a part of myself

To be false.

I’ve returned to the hills

Above the border where the rocks

Stand still

Keeping watch on the children

Like me.

And in 2014,

With my father’s memory,

I’ll vote yes for uncertainty.

I’ll vote yes for his dream.

I’ll vote yes for my dream.

I’ll vote yes for The Dream

For Scotland.


4 thoughts on “A Man About A Dog: A Poem

  1. This is very beautiful. And thank you for the information regarding your country. It seems I read a lot blogs which originate in Scotland. I think it is so cool to read from all parts of the world – and it is fun and wonderful to learn if other cultures as well!! Kimberly;)

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