Wishing Wells

Hello Blogosphere! Best wishes from Barcelona, Spain. I have 2 weeks off work and I’ve been on a nice little Euroadventure. Rome, Perujia, Florence, Barcelona–FANTASTIC. Pictures will arrive shortly, but for now I’m stuck in something of a poetry rut. I don’t really consider poetry my strongest work, but I enjoy writing it. So here’s a very short something/nothing from Spain. Unkilled darlings. It’s all unkilled darlings.

This is all there is to tell: A boy and a girl and a wishing well, with everyone hoping she would grow to be someone else. But the fountain fell and the seasons changed. He left her bleeding, scarred and stained, while he went on to shine. She’s not bitter that he forgot. She didn’t grow to be what she’s not–quick to lie and slow to punch. She paid her pennies for something better, but the wishing well melted into summers, swept away the lovers that weren’t him. And isn’t it easy to imagine? It’s all too easy to imagine.

This is all there is to tell: A boy and a girl and a wishing well, buying dreams it couldn’t sell and tomorrows that couldn’t be. So easy to imagine.


7 thoughts on “Wishing Wells

  1. This is beautiful. It is clearly a song! Try putting it to music. It seems to be the Edinburgh folk tradition! The picture is splendid and links in a very strange poignant way with the poem. ( By the way to easy should be too easy) Best wishes Keep up the beautiful work John

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