Another Piece of Small Town Blues: Poetry

Mother dear told me not to worry,

life’s a crap shoot, there ain’t no hurry.

Better slow down, you’re kicking up dust.

No need to cry, making a fuss.

But this small town

with the boys and their eyes,

rolling in and out with the tide

and that one boy

who knows what to say–

too proud to say it and too in love to stay.

He fixes cars in the garage.

Greasy hands and junk in the yard.

Got a tattoo of a woman he loved.

Bitch took to drink and he just gave up.

But that one girl

with the waves in her eyes

showed him some big city surprises

and that summer

when everything changed

hurt him even more when it all stayed the same.

It’s a modern age with big bright lights

single parents and poison delights.

We were raised within broken dreams

patching up holes and sowing seams.

But that one night

in his truck’s backseat–

a girl from away and a boy in heat.

Learning to rise and fall with the sea.

Learning that nothing can be what it seems.

All forgotten dreams.


4 thoughts on “Another Piece of Small Town Blues: Poetry

  1. this reminds me of a video of country song – I am not trying to disrespect or trivialize what you wrote – it is beautiful and it is very visual – as i read it and re-read it, i can see this story unfolding right before my eyes. it’s awesome:)

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