They love me! They love me! Today, kids, we learned about the VBA

Many, many thanks to seedofbilly for nominating me for a Versatile Blogger Award! I’m not sure how versatile I am with my five-some blogs, but recognition is lovely in any/every form (although some chance encounters with strangers in Baltimore has made me temporarily question that logic in the past…). In any case, I’m currently galavanting around Amsterdam and this was a wonderful gift to find. By galavanting, I of course mean desperately clinging to the bike handle bars and praying that none of the trams that randomly swing through the streets/bikeways/sidewalks (all three sharing the same space, I may add) strike me down. Yes, this was indeed a lovely surprise after I had wrapped up kissing the doorway in relief. See more information about this award here.


So, here are the rules. I must turn around and nominate 15 talented bloggers with an eye on the prize. I’m not sure how good my reading comprehension has been in figuring this whole thing out, but I would recommend commenting on the website to solidify your nomination. That’s my plan of action. Then, I must share 7 fun facts about myself. Easy peasy, right? Unless you, like me, think ‘hyperlink’ is Klingon jargon.

So here goes:

1. I’m in Amsterdam right now. I have yet to fall off my bike, but it’s just a matter of time. I also feel like I am in a land of giants. They’re all so tall and blond and blue eyed and beautiful. Except Picasso. After a few hours at the museum, I feel confident enough to say that man was unfortunate looking. You’d think he’d spruce up his self-portraits for show… I did learn, however, that the reason he did so many selfies was that it was too expensive to pay models. I guess modeling has always been a lucrative business…

2. I love bad science fiction. I’m not nerdy enough to like good sci-fi. I primarily go for the unacceptable stuff. Farscape, anyone?

3. I take labels off things before I eat/drink. Dunno why. My friends say I’m crazy. Eh. I go for eccentric.

4. I grew up in New Hampshire. We call it The Shire. It’s the best place on earth and anyone who says otherwise has never visited. Ocean, mountains, lakes, four seasons, hippies–we got it all.

5. I’m a wannabe writer. Original, no? I had that phase when I was certain I was the voice of my generation, the next great american novelist, the toast of the whole show–now my of my thoughts revolve around being broke. It’s hard out there for a dreamer…

6. I’m a news junkie. Politics all day every day. I’m currently working for a foreign government and it’s incredible. My only struggle is the heels. They hurt. A lot. And the pencil skirt. VERY restricting.

7. Andddddd finally, I find the television show Girls way scarier than American Horror Story. It’s hits just a little too close to home for me. Like right around my heart region. No thank you, Lena. You’re brave and fabulous and much luck to you, but stop making my future so bleak please!

And now I nominate 15 blogs I like! Fun fun fun!
















Okay, that should do it. Hopefully I did all that technical nonsense right. Happy weekend then.


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